India is home to as many sa 1200 (roughly 14%), out of which 141 are endemic to this region. What's even more astonishing is that of the 27 Orders and 155 Families that bird life has been classified into, india 20 Orders and 77Families. the reason for this richness of species is the climate, the diversity of vegetation as its wide altitudinal rande, which extends from sea level to the Himalaysa.

About Us

"Color is considered the essence of life". Who doesn't like the sight of these natural vibrant colors living before their eyes? Yes, I am talking about the spectacular birds that add cheer to the wilderness in the jungle making it a more wonderful experience for every visitor there.

Well how many times do we see birds through out the day? Lots of time Right! One may think what is so different in watching these birds in a sanctuary. The difference is the lush green wilderness and keenly watching these cheerful little creatures can give an in depth knowledge on their living patterns and their habitats.

India is a bird watching Mecca between the colorful and distinctive natural population of eagles, hawks, combined with the migratory population.

Our Birdwatchers:
Compromise has never been accepted at Nature Safari, and we adhere to our commitments and standards set. Our birding experts are the real experts in the true sense. They have the right kind of knowledge that helps their tracking skills. They are local folks with the proper control over the local language to help them understand the locales better. They take care of every visitors needs and safety is the prime priority given.

Our specialties:
Our tours will appeal to the birders as well as the beginners or the immediate bird watcher and some are suitable for the non-birding spouse. Our small group birding holidays that are teamed with our professionals help to spot a spectacular variety of birds in some of the exotic locales. Our carefully planned iteniaries, small groups sizes and remarkable field experience of our naturalists have earned us s reputation for consistency showing the spectacular sites.

Nature Safari, a vertical travel portal established in the year 2000 has never looked back since its inception. Its commitment and passion towards the cause of conservation of the wild has yielded us the results in its little ways.

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